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SCHOOLIE GFX : graphics by a7xschoolie

version 04 ; blink [ grunged up ]

Schoolie GFX
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Graphics by A7X-Schoolie
the lowdown
hey there! welcome to schoolie_gfx !
you've somehow stumbled upon the graphics journal of a7xschoolie
i will post my creations here every now and then, depending on the time of the year.
i make headers, banners,custom layouts, colourbars and ofcourse, icons;
wrestling, music, tv and entertainment based.

stuff to know
01. CREDIT. always credit schoolie_gfx if you take anything from here. it is SO much appreciated.
02. COMMENT. comments are freakin awesome, they make my day. please comment, if if you're just glancing. :)
03. NO HOTLINKING. never hotlink. hotlinking = big nono. if you hotlink i will skin you alive with a cheese grater.
04. DONT EDIT. do not use the blanks as bases. if you want me to alter something, i can happily do that for you.
05. USE TAGS. you can use the tags when searching for a certain subject, that's what they're there for.
06. REQUESTS. i happily do requests, and they can be made over HERE i only offer requests to members, so...
07. JOIN. please, if you like what you see go ahead and join. everyone's welcome! it gets me all excited ;)
08. SEMI-MEMBERS ONLY. the majority of posts are locked after a few days, so join if you'd like to see the other posts.
09. PROMOTION. i appreciate all the promotion i can get! you can find promo banners HERE!

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if you'd like to affiliate, just message me :) i dont bite, i promise ;)

cj stillness awards ˖ completed challenges ˖ wwegirls lj comm header + icon contest winner

getting over 100 members was amazing. but over 200? thanks so much guys :]